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Pasta and Wine


Expand supplier partnerships. Our clients get the best price possible by negotiating volume directly with manufacturers.

Reduce Costs

We remove the confusion and guess work that surrounds the contract negotiation process and then equip our clients with accurate information on real prices that are out there.

Monthly contract management is an incredible skill that not every operator has nor do they have access to information at all levels within the process


At SSCP, we negotiate the best pricing on behalf of our clients and make sure those prices are honored by distributors. We pursue contracts to get you the best competitive prices in the market.


We're able to look at a clients’ contracts and uncover all the opportunities for major dollar savings in minutes.

Though many purchasing managers have previous restaurant experience, they don’t always have the expertise or knowledge to know what pricing should be. Due to our deep expertise and visibility we can compare all other clients together to see how each of them are paying and know the range of what prices should be.

Our experience and billions of dollars in purchasing data allows us to do things a single operator simply can’t. We put our clients into “National Chain Restaurant” level pricing vs the local “Street Account “pricing model.

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