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Our team at Strategic Supply Chain Partners (SSCP) has over 140 years of Foodservice operations purchasing, distribution, contract negotiation and Foodservice consulting experience.

Collectively over the course of our careers in hospitality, we have managed over $10 Billion dollars in sales and $35 Billion in purchasing for over 8000+ restaurants locations throughout the continental USA and internationally.


Not only do we have extensive experience in the domestic hospitality industry, we also have helped concepts grow internationally in Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Australia, Mexico, Iceland and the United Kingdom.

Our Partners have held executive level positions with the following companies:

  • Yum Brands (KFC, Taco Bell)

  • ARBCO (Arby’s)

  • Spendifference

  • Compass Group

  • TGI Friday’s

  • Al Copeland Investments

  • PF Chang’s

  • Steak and Ale

  • Bennigan’s

  • Taste Bud Management

  • Fransmart

  • Menchie's

  • Semolina's

  • Golden Corral

Additionally, we partner with the leading companies that are content experts in various fields such as training, import/export, back-office system management, payroll, tax cost mitigation, franchising to name a few.


This wealth of experience and networking gives us a complete knowledge of how to negotiate the best distribution deal for each of our client and help with any other cost and/or operational issues that our clients may encounter.

Our Team

With a collective 140 years of C-suite foodservice procurement experience, we exist to to empower you to create extraordinary results for yourself using our processes. operations excellence and quality assurance support, we provide senior executives direct access to top distributors and manufactures.

Mick Marr


A supply chain executive with over 25 years of experience. He has led numerous leading restaurant chains, casinos and manufacturers in their supply chain management, consistently exceeding expectations. His leadership ability and strategic processes are a perfect plat form, not only for bringing saving and profits to the bottom line, but also the development and training of the up and coming procurement professionals.

Chris Rodrique


Chris has worked with multiple organizations in and outside of restaurant industry as a C-Suite level. Chris’ core competencies include strategic planning, organizational cultures, management training, operational excellence, and effective reporting. He consistently drives top tier employee retention and guest experience, leading to top tier financial performance. His restaurant industry experience spans over 4 decades, in virtually every industry segment short of fine dining.

Micah Moore


Micah Moore is a result-driven restaurant professional with over 30 years of Casual Dine, Quick Serve, Fast Casual, Polished Casual and Club Management. Micah has been a leader/consultant in many restaurant situations including 60+ restaurant openings, turnaround specialist, new concept start up and systems implementation.

Kevin Anderson

Kevin Anderson pic 6.2.22.jpeg

Kevin Anderson is a seasoned restaurant operations expert with over 35+ years of progressively responsible financial, administrative, and managerial experience.

He has held multiple executive positions in the domestic and international hospitality field operations for iconic brands such as TGI Fridays, PF Chang’s, Golden Corral among others. During his career he has had operational and developmental responsibilities for over 100 locations in the domestic marketplace in the following states of Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Louisiana, Kentucky, Indiana, New York, Pennsylvania and San Juan, Puerto Rico as well as developing management teams in the international marketplace in the countries of Taiwan, the United Kingdom, Mexico, and Iceland.

Our Team

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