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Gourmet Meal

Industry Knowledge

Our restaurant operations experience can help with everything from day-to-day guest interaction to administrative functions, employee and management training, new store openings, operations and more.


Many owners, executive chefs and purchasing managers have previous restaurant experience but lack the deep level expertise or knowledge to know what pricing should be. At Strategic Supply Chain Partners (SSCP) our team of foodservice industry experts know the difference between a profitable contract and a bad one.

With years of experience and the contacts we made, we’ve gained valuable experiential insight into what it takes to negotiate the best distribution deals that are guaranteed to save our clients’ time and money.

Successful Restaurant Owner

We help your operation manage:

  • Contracts and reduce costs in every element of the foodservice supply chain including Broadline Distribution, Produce Distribution, Supply and Equipment Providers

  • Manufacturers pricing on deviated, rebates and discounted pricing on your key products and more.

  • Audited pricing validation.

  • Forward buys on key items to keep costs down and supply available on high usage and cost item

  • Source hard to manage item availability

  • When it comes down to it, our expertise and knowledge gives us a leg up on our competitors. We believe in our ability to find you the best savings and are committed to removing the chaos from your operation.

Experience counts. And have plenty of it. 

Restaurant Excellence

Within our portfolio of clients, we've developed and implemented systems other than purchasing that we are not only well versed in, but considered industry experts amongst our peers. 


When the Strategic Supply Chain Partners culinary team develops custom menus for our clients, we look at the local ingredients, guest demographics and the brand’s entire story. We take a creative approach to develop menus that our clients find to be unique in design and capture their brand personality through innovative signature dishes.

Our executive team analyzes data from dish popularity to price costing and product cross utilization.

White Wine

Contact us today and learn we can help you start saving and driving more profits.

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