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Case Studies

Proven Value. Real Results.

Learn more about how SSCP is helping other businesses.

Case Study



Multi unit - 5 locations - upscale casual.

$1,200,000 SAVINGS

Case Study



All-in-one place high volume entertainment center with state-of-the-art bowling, live music, locally inspired menu with indoor and outdoor seating.

$133,210 SAVINGS

Case Study



Single unit – 2 story, 9500 square foot Beach/resort style,  full-service food and beverage, casual plus concept.

$281,845 SAVINGS

Case Study



3 multi-unit Mexican casual dining in Texas. Serving fresh, authentic, delicious Tex mex food in Texas since 1998.

$354,479 SAVINGS

Let's Take Your Business To The Next Level

Our expertise and institutional knowledge provides product line consolidation across multiple brands drives lower costs and delivers better prices, directly and immediately impacting Cost of Goods Sold on our client’s P&L’s.

The ability to re-negotiate existing MDA’s (Master Distribution Agreements) with existing suppliers using our in-depth understanding of supply chain logistics provides significant savings to every one of our clients. If the client prefers, we will also RFP new distributors on their behalf. By uncovering and negotiating away hidden expenses in typical MDA’s dictated to small to mid-level operators, a more strategic level of procurement process is offered.

SSC Partners will be able to negotiate long term procurement contracts along a variety of commodities, including many top dollars center of the plate proteins. By consolidating like inventory items across brands, SSC Partners can get COOP independent operators and small chains into large chain pricing formats/tiers.

Unlike other procurement specialists/companies

we are directly paid out of the savings we generate for the client.

If we don’t save you money we don’t get paid. We have a fiduciary responsibility find money so both sides benefit – our client and SSCP.

No Cost - No Risk

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